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Weeks at Gentle Prices in Les 3 Vallées

Plan Your Smart Stay: The Most Affordable Weeks in Rates 

If you have the flexibility to choose your vacation dates, enjoy the joys of skiing at a low cost! Welcome to the enchanting world of the mountains of Les 3 Vallées, where winter adorns itself in a white coat and offers you unforgettable moments. Do you dream of descending the snowy slopes of the world's largest ski area, breathing the pure mountain air, and relaxing in an enchanting setting? This is the perfect time to make your dreams come true at a lower cost. 

Benefit from Exceptional Rates in Les 3 Vallées

Les 3 Vallées open their doors during the quieter periods with reduced rates on accommodations and ski passes. Experience exceptional vacations without worrying about your budget! Our special offers allow you to fully enjoy your stay at affordable prices. 

  • Reduced Accommodation Prices: Book your accommodation in one of our resorts in January, March or April and save on your stay in Les 3 Vallées. Enjoy comfort and authenticity at a minimal cost. 
  • Advantageous Ski Passes: Ski freely without burdening your budget! Our 3 Vallées ski passes offer you access to the slopes at reduced rates. An opportunity not to be missed for skiing enthusiasts. 

Discover the Magic of Les 3 Vallées! Immerse yourself in the experience of your ski vacation by choosing to stay in Les 3 Vallées during the preferred periods, such as January, March, and April, or spring vacations. 

Enjoy a tranquil atmosphere, less crowded slopes, and perfect snow for an optimal skiing experience while saving money. 

  • Virtually Empty Slopes: Discover the mountains in complete peace of mind. During the preferred periods, ski slopes are quieter, allowing you to savor every turn. 
  • Quality Snow: Les 3 Vallées are renowned for their exceptional quality snow. Enjoy fresh and abundant snow for memorable descents. 
  • Warm and Authentic Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a friendly and authentic atmosphere unique to these less crowded periods. Meet welcoming locals and discover mountain culture in all its splendor. 


The advantages in Les 3 Vallées are numerous, but spaces are limited. Don't miss this opportunity to have memorable ski vacations at reduced rates. Book your stay in Les 3 Vallées now and get ready to experience magical moments on the snowy slopes of the world's largest ski area. Unforgettable vacations await you! 


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Méribel 1450 (all area), Méribel Centre/Chaudanne

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Méribel 1450 (all area), Méribel Belvédère / Domaine de Burgin

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3Vallées, Méribel Mottaret Le Hameau

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